Introductory provisions

The manager of data processing is Hotel Europa – which is a catering and accommodation facility that operates within the company. Company Privacy Policy (hereinafter Hotel)) was published on the website The hotel reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy, so please visit this page periodically to be informed about possible changes to the Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy explains the handling of personal data that we collect from you or about you on this website, as well as through written or verbal communication with you and during visits to our hotel and points of sale, i.e. contents inside the hotel.

"Personal data" means all information collected and stored in a form that enables you to be personally identified, either directly (e.g. by name and surname) or indirectly (e.g. by phone number) as a natural person. Before providing such information to us, we recommend that you read this document, which describes our guidelines for protecting privacy and personal information.

Protection of personal data

We collect, process and store your personal data in accordance with the applicable regulations governing the protection of personal data in the Republic of Croatia and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The hotel respects your privacy and treats all personal data as strictly confidential information. In the process of processing and managing personal data, we act responsibly and take the necessary measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction, and we will keep personal data accurate and up-to-date as much as possible. All employees are obliged to maintain confidentiality and protect all personal data to which they have access at the workplace where they are employed, and are obliged to use the same exclusively for a specific (prescribed) purpose, for the purpose of providing services to the guest or client, i.e. for the purpose of fulfilling the Hotel's contractual obligations relationship.

Protection of children's personal data

The hotel advises parents and guardians to teach children about responsible and safe handling of personal data on the Internet. The hotel does not collect, does not want and has no intention of collecting personal data of persons under the age of 18, and we will not use them in any way or disclose them to third parties (except for those personal data prescribed by law when registering the stay of a minor guest in the hotel, in the presence of a parent or guardian ). We would be grateful if your children would not provide us with any personal data and information without your permission.

Data covered by the privacy policy

Personal data covered by our Privacy Policy:

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of any of your personal data recorded with us.

Sensitive data

The term "sensitive data" refers to data related to your racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, sex life or sexual orientation, genetic data, criminal record and any other biometric data that used for the purpose of unique identification. In accordance with the Regulation on the protection of personal data, the Hotel does not collect, does not want and does not intend to collect sensitive data. We can act according to your express request or instructions that you voluntarily gave us in order to protect your health and life (for example, allergies to certain foods and ingredients, intolerance to gluten or lactose, etc.) or to adequately serve you and satisfy your special requests and needs (e.g. access for the disabled, etc.).

Method of collecting personal data

In every interaction or contact with a guest, client or business partner and in every segment of our business, we can collect personal data. You can provide us with your personal data in the following ways:

We may also receive personal data from third parties with whom we closely cooperate (including, for example, travel agencies and accommodation reservation service providers, event and congress organization agencies, business partners, subcontractors or suppliers in technical services and payment and delivery services, etc.).

The purpose of the obtained data

All information we receive or request is used exclusively for the following purposes:

By making your inquiry and providing your personal data (such as e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) through all forms of communication, you give your express consent that the Hotel may contact you for the purpose of offering its services and other stated purposes, and thereby confirm that you are familiar with our Policy of privacy. The given data will be used only for this purpose.


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Cookies and internet technologies

Our website may use "cookies" and other technologies that make it easier for us to deliver content according to your interests, process reservations or requests, and/or analyze the characteristics of your visits. "Cookies" are a kind of data packets used by servers to send status information to the user's browser and to return status information to the original server through the same browser. Based on this pattern, the information is adapted to your needs and the way you usually use the Internet. Cookies do not contain your name but your IP address, and after you stop working on the server, the information is no longer available to us. If you want to delete or disable cookies on your computer at any time, you can update the settings of your Internet browser (find information on how to delete and disable cookies on your browser by selecting the "Help" menu).

Job competitions

The hotel processes the personal data of candidates who apply for our job vacancy and keeps it until the final completion of the job vacancy. After the completion of the job competition, the Hotel stores the personal data of the selected candidates with whom it concludes an employment contract and the data of the candidates who have given their consent to remain in the databases for 2 years after applying for the competition. Only authorized persons of the Hotel have access to the personal data of job candidates. Other collected applications are deleted from the e-mail inbox and those in paper form are destroyed in an adequate manner.

Open job applications

Open applications sent to us by candidates who want to work with us are kept for 2 years from the date of receipt of the open application. Only authorized persons of the Hotel have access to personal data from open job applications if the data has been forwarded to the e-mail for these purposes:

Content of the privacy policy and your consent

We do not sell, rent, or disclose your e-mail address and other data to third parties (legal and natural persons) without your express consent, as this is against the Privacy Policy and applicable legal regulations on the protection of personal data. We undertake not to disclose your personal data to third parties, except to the public authorities to which we are obliged to provide prescribed personal data, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

The hotel only collects personal data that you have voluntarily submitted to us and uses it for the purposes of providing hotel services. We can share your personal data with other parties if we have your consent or if this is necessary in order to fulfill the contractual obligations, i.e. provide the ordered services.

We do not ask you to send us your information in order to access our sites, nor do we ask you to disclose more information to us than is really necessary to make a reservation or use one of our services. By filling out the form on the website, you guarantee that the information you provided is correct, that you are authorized to dispose of the information provided, and that you fully agree that we collect and use your data in accordance with the law and the terms of our Privacy Policy.

By subscribing to the mailing list for the newsletter, you give your express consent to receive the newsletter in your email inbox.

The hotel is not responsible for an accidental error or an error due to force majeure or other objective circumstances that could possibly cause an accidental and unintentional violation of the guaranteed protection of your data, but guarantees that the error will be corrected as soon as possible if it is feasible.

Data processing and retention

The hotel will process your data for the time necessary to achieve the above purposes. The hotel will keep your data for as long as necessary or permitted in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. After the end of the contractual relationship, the Hotel keeps the client's data for 11 years (in accordance with legal provisions), and in the case of consent and legitimate interest (as a legal basis for data collection), the Hotel keeps the data until the withdrawal of consent or objection to the legitimate interest of processing.

Checking, changing or deleting personal data

At any time, you can check or modify personal data or request the deletion of personal data that you have provided to us when visiting our website or in any other way (if this data is still in our database). If you wish to exercise this right, feel free to contact the Personal Data Protection Officer via e-mail address: or in writing to the address of the data processing manager: Hotel Europa, Zagrebačka cesta 191, 10000 Zagreb